Writing Competitions to Shape the Future!

What kind of future do you want to live in? What are you excited about and what concerns you? What is your request of the future? Brian David Johnson, Intel’s Futurist, asks these questions and more with The Tomorrow Project, a fascinating initiative to investigate not only the future of computing but the broader implications on our lives and planet.

In this unique time in history, science and technology has progressed to a point where what we build is only constrained by the limits of our own imaginations. The future is not a fixed point in front of us that we are all hurtling helplessly towards. The future is built everyday by the actions of people. It’s up to all of us to be active participants in the future and these conversations can help us do just that.

A major focus of the Tomorrow Project is to sponsor competitions that generate science-based fiction that explores possible futures. These stories can be used as inspiration to scientists, or as data for cultural anthropologists. 

Future Powered by Fiction

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Green Dreams

Arizona State University

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My Life in 2025

FIAP University

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